Back-to-School Necessities to Make Any Student's Life Easier

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 21 million college students are heading back to school this fall. That means it's time to buy new school supplies, clothes and, of course, technology, so students can be ready for what the academic year holds.
A majority of these students are busier than ever. According to a Georgetown University press release from late last year, 70 percent of college students work at least part-time, and 25 percent work and study full-time. Since many students are burning the candle at both ends, affordable back-to-school supplies and tech by Manhattan will be too good to pass up. If college students need anything, it's a quality product at a great value.
Backpacks for the Everyday Journey
Students often have to rush from home to class to work and then to study groups. For those who are determined to keep it light wherever they go, the super-sleek Dashpack Sling-Style Carrier makes it easy to swap out a tablet or a textbook and be on their way. Trekpack Heavy-Duty, Top-Loading Backpack offers roomy, secure spaciousness for anything students bring with them—for carrying books, computers and notebooks throughout the week, and food, water, and a change of clothes or shoes for weekend excursions.
Media Connections
A mouse is necessary even though laptops have touchpads. While touchpads work in a pinch, the hand discomfort and inefficient, frustrating movement limitations are real. The ergonomic shape of Manhattan wired and wireless mice was designed to make interacting with the computer as comfortable as possible. The Silhouette Optical Mouse offers 1000dpi for smooth, steady control of the cursor. The Performance Wireless Optical Mouse provides adjustable resolution at up to 2000dpi, which is excellent for students who want to change cursor sensitivity based on the project they're completing.
Although staying focused in one's studies is obviously important, it's crucial to find the appropriate time to chill out and, perhaps, binge-watch favorite TV shows. Digital Trends describes online-streaming devices like Xbox, PlayStation and Roku as an increasingly popular means to cut the cord on Cable TV. Manhattan HDMI cables and accessories establish the best connection between HDTVs and media sources like these. For students living with roommates who have multiple media devices but only one TV, a Manhattan Three-Port HDMI Switch connects up to three of them.
Charging Solutions
If students have a smartphone or tablet, Manhattan high-quality, highly-affordable chargers and cables should be on their list. One of the best charging solutions is the Two-Port USB Charging Station, which offers a front-facing stand and individual USB ports that power up devices at  1.1 and 2.1 amps. Since many smartphones and tablets double as alarm clocks, students need only to plug their phone or tablet into the station, set it in the stand, and in the morning, their device is ready to go with them.
Manhattan also features the best pricing and quality on both USB Micro-B cables for Android phones and Lightning cables for iPhones. Since Manhattan Lightning cables are made with authentic Apple chips, the cables remain compatible with the devices they're supposed to charge throughout each software update.
Unique Audio Products for Unique Music Lovers
Staying energized is absolutely necessary to combat burn-out. Music helps to make this possible, whether it's in between classes, on the bus heading home from school, at the gym destressing from the hectic day, or as USA Today suggests, even while studying.
The Sound Science family of products creates an exceptional listening experience. Nova Sweat-proof, Wired Earbuds  bring the deep bass and crisp treble, and they easily handle the rigors of daily life. Sound Science wireless speakers and headphones offer even more freedom—simply connect them with Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Atom Portable Bluetooth Speaker pulsates with colorful LEDs and brings an impromptu dance party to wherever it's needed most. Cosmos Studio Headphones deliver comfort and excellent, fulfilling sound. Orbit Durable Speakers make any get-together a blast with excellent quality at full volume.
The Bottom Line
The coming school year is fast approaching, and there's no time like the present to prepare. Make this educational journey as manageable as possible with superior products at the best prices from Manhattan, where the crazy college life just got easier.
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