Charging Solutions for 21st Century People

Personal handheld devices have never been more popular, and it looks like that isn't changing any time soon. In 2012, the average household had five-and-a-half of them. By 2015, that number grew to nine. We've never had as much technology at our fingertips as we do now. But, what arguably gives us the most grief about our smart devices is low- or no-battery. We feel like we've been sent back to the Dark Age when we're on our way out the door in the morning and have grabbed a completely dead phone or tablet. Cue those frantic attempts to find a charger, and a stress-filled ride to work is guaranteed.

Manhattan's 2-Port Charging Station (406048) helps start your day the right way. The left port charges a phone; the right, a tablet. Put this compact and powerful tool on the nightstand, plug in your smart device, and set it in the sturdy, front-mounted stand. Voilà! You have the most advanced alarm in human history and can stream your favorite show or podcast while you get ready for work. When it's time to leave, your device is charged and ready to go with you. This station's simple but effective design puts you back in control.

We've made giant leaps in tech progress and availability. Today, kids look at you funny when you tell them that 25 years ago, nearly all phones had cords and there was usually just one of them in the house. Phones for each family member have replaced the house phone, and "ungluing" ourselves from them to spend an hour of quality time together is the new challenge. Wouldn't it be great if you could collect everyone's devices, charge them simultaneously, and find out how your kids and spouse are really doing?

Our new 10-Port Charging Station (406031) brings your tech family back together. The first eight ports of the station power up tablets and smartphones at 2.1 amps, and the last two ports are dedicated to phones at 1 amp. Charge your family's devices overnight without overcharging or short-circuiting them. Say goodbye to confusing, cord-covered countertops: wide-cast dividers fit your case-protected phones and tablets, and a removable top lets you hide cords in five under-bays to reduce clutter. This central charging location provides easy access to grab your fully charged phone or tablet and be on the go.

Our personal handheld devices were designed to enhance our lives and mobility – and help us be the 21st-century people we are. Let nothing keep you from making the most of your day with products by Manhattan, where Life Just Got Easier.
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