Manhattan Backpacks--For Every Adventure

What a relief it is when we're finally on our way to where we have to be! Packing what you need for wherever you're headed can be quite stressful, but protecting those items while you're on the go shouldn't be. The right bag for your everyday adventure needs to be stylish and stand up to the bustle of getting to your destination with all your essentials in tact. To this end, Manhattan offers three distinct bag styles to meet the demands of your common travel types: the grab-and-go Dashpack and Airpack, the committed-mover Knappack, and the heavy-duty adventurers Trekpack and Zippack.

Like the name suggests, the Dashpack is a lightweight, compact and highly portable bag. A super-sleek design supports easy jetting between places you have to be for when you're packing light. A single strap slips over your shoulder for a comfortable, close-to-body grip and its mesh pocket offers easy and secure access to your phone. This bag's solid construction includes a padded pouch inside to store your tablet, and the rest of the bag lets you store books and a jacket. It's perfect for unencumbered travel with the essentials.

If easy moving is your game, then Airpack is the name. As a more substantial alternative to the sheer aerodynamics of Dashpack, Airpack provides noticeable maneuverability around whatever the day throws at you. The bag's fine contouring fits securely and comfortably around your back with plush padding to keep from chafing. It looks compact, but a spacious main compartment holds a sizable computer in a secure sleeve while offering up additional room for notebooks or textbooks. A smooth, water-resistant nylon front holds a vertical zipper that ingeniously hides a sturdy divider for pens, notebooks, charging cables, keys, and more, so you can have what you need to get work done, wherever that may be.

This sturdy, well-built bag is exactly what you think of when you hear the word "backpack." Ideal for students and teachers who need to carry their books and tech regularly, the bag has a durable sleeve divider for a computer, and a top-loading design lets you easily swap out books for class to be on your way. The front of the bag has a carryall pocket for your pens, pencils and the like. You need a reliable means to protect what allows your mind to flourish, and this bag has it.

A must-have for anyone who has to get to lots of places with lots of stuff—tablet, computer, notebooks, textbooks, clothing, snacks, water bottles, etc. It's the perfect bag for day-to-day journeys, rain or shine, thanks to its water-resistant nylon construction. Pockets for convenient storage and easy access to the bottom of the bag make this a great choice for anyone who frequently needs in and out privileges to their belongings. Plus, the excellent shoulder and side straps make keeping the bag close to your body a cinch. You'll love the rugged determination it gives you.

For all the mountains you have to climb, Zippack helps you reach the summit and stake your claim. Designed with world explorers in mind, the bag's roomy compartments allow you to stow a laptop, clothes, food, hiking gear, and the like. Think of it as the bag for your extended journey and one that will serve you well throughout each leg of it. Side pouches let you store water for arduous adventures. Heavy-duty and water-resistant nylon allows you to safely protect your electronics and other valuables, while the tough, vertical front zipper allows you to quickly grab your most important items without having to set the bag down and rifle through it for them.

Our bags were designed to help you get a handle on anything life throws your way, so you can keep on keepin' on. Adventure is calling—be ready for it with superior quality bags by Manhattan.
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