POP: Exceptional Device Connections for Media Consumers

For many of us, buying handheld device cables and earphones seems to happen about once every three months. We accept it as a necessary evil of owning a smartphone or tablet. As long as the device itself isn't failing on us in that same time frame, we count it as a success. "Reliable" connections to your device can be frustrating, and it feels like they're almost made to be quickly damaged beyond repair.

So, why are we always forking over money for new cables and earphones? For one thing, it's how we handle them. Rob Nightingale at discusses how we unwittingly do the damage ourselves. In short, he says that unplugging the device by pulling on the cable instead of the connecting point gradually separates it from its housing. Letting the plug get too hot due to overcharging your device wears down connections. Failing to roll it up to transport it in our bags lets phones, books, makeup, etc. trounce upon it with no defense.

But other factors also contribute to the (quick) breakdown of cables and earphones. If you're all about buying them on the cheap, you've probably noticed much faster fraying and kinking. These cables are rapidly produced with cut-rate supplies for the sake of being inexpensive—they simply can't undergo strict quality control procedures. Sellers know that making an easily-broken product means people will just buy another. The lesson here is that you pay for what you get.

On the other hand, Manhattan's POP Connections line is constructed from higher quality, eye-catching materials:

• Braided fabric in vibrant colors covers CablePOP, our Micro USB cables to charge Android and Windows phones and tablets, and AudioPOP, our 3.5 mm audio cables that connect your device to virtually any stereo system, car stereo, or audio source. Not only do these cables seriously resist tangling (another sure-fire way to damage cables), they're also much less likely to kink-up or become frayed.

• Strong yet flexible plastic skins in exciting colors with silicone in-ear cushioning protect our incredibly resilient earphones, SoundPOP. Play the tunes you want to hear with real bass and crisp highs, and receive calls while you rock out with a built-in microphone.

• PVC protective material jackets our Apple-compatible Lightning cables, iLynk, for quality that rivals purchasing the same item at an Apple store. Since our cables use authentic Apple chips, you never have to worry about it being incompatible with your device after you've updated it.

Manhattan is committed to bringing you a product you'll love using to connect you to the media you crave. As a demonstration of that commitment, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our cables. We individually test each product we make to give you the best relationship to your device as possible. If it doesn't make the cut, we won't sell it. We know you have a choice when it comes to connectivity solutions, and as media-lovers ourselves, we want you to have the greatest, longest-lasting and fun experience you can at the most affordable price.
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