Sound Science, for Unique Music Lovers

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Our theory is that you're going to love Sound Science, our exciting new product line for the music-geek in all of us. Individually, their names were inspired by some fundamental science concepts: Nova, Atom, Orbit and Cosmos. Together, they expand on the high-mobility, durability and accessibility motifs you've come to expect from Manhattan. During development, one of our prime objectives was to create "unique audio products for unique music lovers," and we really think it shows. Bright, striking colors in protective, rubberized housing dress Atom, Orbit and Nova, while a smooth vegan-leather casing protects Cosmos. If you want to rep your individuality and style among countless other speaker and headset options, Sound Science has it.

Our labs combined the fundamentals of independence, high quality and — above all — affordability into our product method. Your concept of sound explodes with Nova sweatproof earphones, and all the energy you radiate while you wear them won't reduce their power. Bluetooth technology in Atom, Orbit and Cosmos gives you up to 30 ft. (10 m) of untethered freedom. Atom may be small, but the glowing speaker packs some serious audio energy and pulses with colorful LED lights. The Orbit durable speaker sends you on a path around heavenly melodic bodies, but keeps you in touch with Ground Control through an internal microphone. Cosmos comfort-fit headphones take you deep into the universe of fulfilling and awe-inspiring sound, but a touch of a button connects you right back with all those on terra firma.

Ultimately, what you get with Sound Science is refined coolness and a time well spent with the music you love. Put our theory to the test – we're sure you'll arrive at the same conclusion. Happy listening!

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