Supercharge Your Devices When You're on the Go with PopCharge

Getting where we need to be is almost effortless now, thanks to our smartphones. In the past, though, getting lost on the road seemed even easier. First, we had physical maps and a designated map-reader—and, perhaps, some teensy arguments about directions. Then, in the 90s, the super-cool MapQuest became our go-to for step-by-step printable instructions. Next were GPS systems that, while initially expensive, gave us voiced directions and information about restaurants, rest stops and points of interest along the route. Our smartphones cover each of these bases today with built-in map apps and even downloadable ones that help us outsmart traffic. But what can still bring us to a screeching halt is a dead phone battery. It's our modern force to reckon with when it comes to driving. Thank goodness for your car's power adapter, right?

The cigarette-lighter socket inadvertently paved the way for much less stressful travel. We have Joshua M. Morris to thank for his 1921 patent, the "Electrical Lighting Device for Cigars and the Like," which got the ball rolling. Today, that socket isn't much used for cigars or cigarettes. What's important is that someone eventually discovered we could use it as a power source.

Since then, finding the best charger for our devices has become a game of trial and error. That's why we're proud to introduce PopCharge, our new line of quick-powering USB chargers for your car. Each one fits snugly into your vehicle's power port with durable, spring-loaded contacts. All three glow with a blue LED, which lets you easily find the right cable when you're driving at night. Advanced, built-in circuitry protects your device from power surges.

The best part is that they charge your device at 2.4 amps instead of one, which makes charge-up time about half that of a standard 5-volt adapter. PopCharge Auto (# 406130) offers a single USB port. PopCharge Duo (# 406147) doubles power delivery with two USB ports. PopCharge Passenger (# 406154) is the most unique and capable, offering four USB ports – two at the plug and two at the end of the connected cord for fellow travelers in the backseat.

There's never been a better way to keep your batteries at full capacity while you're on the go. PopCharge keeps everyone in your caravan powered up and ready for any adventure.
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