The Best Computer Mice to Enhance Your Productivity

One could strongly argue that the personal computer wouldn't be what it is today without the computer mouse.
A Brief History
At the 1968 Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, inventor and future-seeking scientist Douglas Engelbart demonstrated the latest technology he and his team at the Stanford Research Institute developed. At what later came to be known as "The Mother of All Demos," Engelbart sat in front of a packed house of computer engineers and, over the course of 90 minutes, revealed some revolutionary advancements in what a computer could do. Among these were picture-to-picture video conferencing, collaborative document creation and editing, the concept of "windows," hyperlinks, word processing, and, of course, the computer mouse and its graphical user interface. Bright stage lights made it impossible to gage his audience's reaction, but as he described it in an article on, when he was finished, he "looked up and everyone was standing, cheering like crazy." They fully understood that a computer could do so much more than just "crunch numbers."
The mouse Engelbart debuted was housed in wood and used two perpendicular metal disks to track the user's movements to a pointer on the monitor. For the first time ever, users could correct their word processing mistakes and move around their on-screen documents in ways they had never dreamed of before. If you're interested, you can follow its evolution here, but the basic premise from Engelbart's creation is still evident today, even with the micro-USB receiver having effectively cut the mouse's tail (or cord). The mouse has come a long way and there are lots of types to choose from currently. But if easy-to-use and excellent quality are what you're looking for, our selection is unparalleled.
The Manhattan Difference
We've carefully crafted the features you'll love in any mouse you buy. With satisfying clicks, perfect scrolling function and superb responsiveness, our wired and wireless mice maximize the efficiency of your work day. Both the super-sleek Silhouette Optical Mouse and perfectly-sculpted Edge Optical Mouse are connected through USB, and they offer an incredible 1000dpi resolution (dots per inch, the higher or lower of which corresponds to the lesser or greater effort needed to drive the pointer across the monitor). Both wired options are ambidextrous, so you'll be comfortable, regardless of your handedness.
Our wireless mice give you up to 30 feet of freedom from your computer, and the micro-USB receivers that can be stored on board make for easy plug-and-play at any place you're working. The Achievement Wireless Optical Mouse and the Success Wireless Optical Mouse–also ambidextrous–offer 1000dpi and are optimal for compact, lightweight portability. The Curve Wireless Optical Mouse (with 800, 1200 or 1600 adjustable dpi) and its sister Contour Wireless Optical Mouse (with 1000, 1500 and 2000 adjustable dpi) are some of the most comfortable wireless mice you'll ever use. If you frequently need to change the tracking speed of your mouse based on the project you're working on, these mice are your best bet.
The Bottom Line
The past 50 years have shown that the right mouse can make all the difference in the world for making progress through any computer task or job. Find the best mouse to get work done and handle anything that comes your way with Manhattan Products, because with us, Life Just Got Easier.
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