Thinking and Designing Outside the Box

MANHATTAN today faces some real challenges as it expands into existing and new markets worldwide. When we began to update MANHATTAN packaging, we believed it was best to start where consumers make decisions – at the shelf.

First, we visited retailers, examined displays and collected competitor packaging from North America and Europe and compared it with MANHATTAN in a simulated retail setting. This global assessment enabled our design and marketing teams to identify visual and functional gaps and define objectives to make an impact in the marketplace. We then shared what we learned with consumer packaging research and design partners who specialize in positioning brands for growth. Their expertise and insight are helping us quickly develop and refine concepts into production-ready prototypes. So what can you expect?

• Increased visibility. If it’s unseen, it’s unsold. It’s time to bring MANHATTAN out of the shadows. The “black box” will be replaced with bright, high-contrast colors and less-obstructed product views.

• Improved “shopability.” We need to break the “big brand” block and increase the likelihood of being shopped at the shelf. A more modern look will get the attention needed to engage and persuade more buyers.

• Simplified messaging. Single, strong product statements and visual cues will replace bullet strings and over-complicated specifications. Consumers want to connect with an experience that’s easy to understand, buy and enjoy.

When will we deliver? We’re on track to reveal the new MANHATTAN package design later this year at the 2011 International Distributor Conference in Essen, Germany. Select products in new packaging will ship as soon as the fourth quarter and all products will have the new design by the end of the year. We’re confident that the new package design and your support will give us the power to transform MANHATTAN into a world-class contender.
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